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Complete Leather Repair Kit

Complete Leather Repair Kit
Item #: IA1000
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Price: $995.95


    The Complete Leather Repair Kit comes with everything you need to do high-quality, professional repairs on leather interiors.

    The Complete Leather Kit includes:
    Badger Airbrush (IE1050)
    10' Braided Hose for Badger Airbrush (IE1052)
    Mouth Atomizer (IE3020)
    Deluxe Curved Chill Bar (IE3030)
    Palette Knife (IE2020)
    Break Off Knife (IE2030)
    Steinel Heat Gun (IE1020)
    Scissors (IE2040)
    Needle Kit (IE2005)
    Roll of Wax Thread (IE2010)
    Vinyl Mesh (IL2000)
    Sub-patch Material (IL2050)
    2 Inch Masking Tape (P4400)
    6 Prevals (IE3000)
    6 Plastic Bottles - 4 oz. (IE3010)
    Teflon Mat (IM3000)
    Color Wheel (IE1070)
    Set of 3 Graining Molds (3 molds from the IL1000 set)
    Quick Mix Sheets (P1390)
    Pre-taped Plastic Sheeting (P4300)
    6 Pair Disposable Gloves (ZZ1191-1)
    Terry Applicator (1 applicator from the DA1611 set)
    12 Paint Strainers (P5300-1)
    Soft Scrub Brush (DA1540)
    6 Sheets of Sandpaper (Grits: 80,120,180,220,400,600)

    Set of 10 Water Base Colors (IE1005)
    Graining Compound - 4 oz. (IC4020)
    Graining Catalyst - 1/2 oz. (IC4000)
    Water Base Spray Grain - 4 oz. (IC4010)
    Leather Repair Compound - 4 oz. (IC3090)
    Leather Adhesive - 4 oz. (IC3080)
    Leather Fill - 2 oz. (IC3040)
    Deep Leather Fill - 2 oz. (IC3030)
    Flex Bond - 1 oz. (IC2010)
    Power Gel - 1 oz. (IC2020)
    Debonder - 1 oz. (IC2040)
    Bond Kicker - 2 oz. (IC2030)
    Leather Clone - 4 oz. (IC3070)
    Clone Activator - 8 oz. (IC3075)
    Silicone Wash - 16 oz. (IC1000)
    Leather Prep Solvent - 16 oz. (IC3005)
    Leather Cleaner - 16 oz. (IC3016)
    Leather Conditioner - 16 oz. (IC3018)
    Sand Away - 16 oz. (IC3035-16)