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Complete Velour Repair Kit

Complete Velour Repair Kit
Item #: IA3000
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Price: $695.95

    The Complete Velour Repair Kit comes with everything you need to do high-quality, professional repairs on velour and fabric interiors.

    The Complete Velour Repair Kit includes:
    Set of 40 Velour Flocks - 2 oz. (IV1000-40)
    Electrostatic Velour Applicator (IE1030)
    Velour Atomizer/Flock Puffer (IE1040)
    Mouth Atomizer (IE3020)
    Palette Knife (IE2020)
    Break Off Knife (IE2030)
    Curved Tweezers (IE2050)
    Scissors (IE2040)
    Needle Kit (IE2005)
    Roll of Wax Thread (IE2010)
    Sub-patch Material (IL2050)
    6 Pair Disposable Gloves (ZZ1191-1)
    Colored Pencil Set (IM1050)

    Velour Foundation Adhesive - 4 oz. (IC6005-4)
    Water Based Velour Adhesive - 4 oz. (IC6010-4)
    Aerosol Velour Adhesive (IC6020)
    Aerosol Velour Fabric Shield - 13 oz. (IC6030)
    Silicone Wash - 16 oz. (IC1000)
    Vinyl/Plastic Cleaner - 16 oz. (IC3014)