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Hard Plastic and Dash Repair Starter Kit

Hard Plastic and Dash Repair Starter Kit
Item #: IA4500
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Price: $539.95


    The Plastic and Dash Repair Starter Kit is a great way to get started doing high-quality, professional repairs on dashboards and hard plastic interior panels.

    The Plastic & Dash Repair Starter Kit includes:

    Palette Knife (IE2020)
    Break Off Knife (IE2030)
    2 Inch Masking Tape (P4400)
    6 Prevals (IE3000)
    6 Plastic Bottles - 4 oz. (IE3010)
    Color Wheel (IE1070)
    Quick Mix Sheets (P1390)
    Pre-taped Plastic Sheeting (P4300)
    6 Pair Disposable Gloves (ZZ1191-1)
    Terry Applicator (1 applicator from the DA1611 set)
    12 Paint Strainers (P5300-1)
    Soft Scrub Brush (DA1540)
    6 Sheets of Sandpaper (Grits: 80,120,180,220,400,600)

    Set of 8 Water Base Colors - 16 oz. (IE1005)
    Set does not include silver or clear.
    Padded Dash Filler - 9 oz. (IC5010)
    Flex Tex - 4 oz. (IC5050)
    Micro Balloon - 4 oz. (IC5000)
    Power Gel - 1 oz. (IC2020)
    Bond CA - 1 oz. (IC2000)
    Bond Kicker - 2 oz. (IC2030)
    Silicone Wash - 16 oz. (IC1000)
    Vinyl/Plastic Cleaner - 16 oz. (IC3014)
    Vinyl/Plastic Prep Solvent - 16 oz. (IC3010-16)
    Vinyl/Plastic Interior Dressing - 16 oz. (IC3012)