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Windshield Repair Kit with Quick Curing Lamp

Item #: W020
Availability: In Stock
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Price: $895.95

    Designed to repair bulls eye damage and star breaks, this new and affordable windshield repair kit features the same high quality materials as our complete professional kit, and includes the upgraded 60 Second Quick Cure Lamp.

    This kit includes the following: 
    Carrying Case 3'x2' Hood Protector Pad (W1475)
    60 Second Quick Curing Lamp (W1800)
    Stone Chip Injector (W1110)
    Holding Structure for Stone Chip Injector (W1120)
    Mirror with Suction Cup (W1500)
    Probe (W2200)
    Bulls Eye Tapper & Needles (W2400)
    Seal Removal Tool (W2500)
    Dremel Drill with Battery Charger (W2300)
    15ml Bottles of Stone Chip Resin (W1000)
    15ml Bottles of Long Crack Resin (W1050)
    30ml Pit Polish & Sealant (W1075)
    20 Curing Tabs (W1850)
    Foaming Glass Cleaner (W1550)
    Suction Cup Lube Cleaning Jar Injector Cleaning Rod (W1875)
    Razor Scraper (W2600)
    Polishing Cloth 4 Extra Drill Bits (W2350)
    5 Extra Seals (W1900)