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Aquapel® Rain Repellent Glass Treatment - 1 Case

Aquapel® Rain Repellent Glass Treatment - 1 Case
Item #: DC1535
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    Aquapel® is a revolutionary new rain repellant that uses innovative new technology to repel rain, snow and sleet. When professionally applied to windows and windshields, Aquapel® cases water to bead off the glass, increasing vision tremendously and improving a driver's ability to see clearly and drive more safely. Aquapel® also causes bugs and dirt to be more easily removed. Auto detailers, offer Aquapel® treatment as a professional service to your customers, and watch your profits grow! Aquapel® application is quick and easy, and your customers will love the results. Try Aquapel today!

    The Aquapel® professional installer kit includes:
    • 24 Aquapel® single-use applicators (each applicator will treat one windshield or two side windows)
    • Instructions for use
    • 24 sales flyers to help you up sell this professional application to your customers
    • 24 mirror hangers - Tell your customers "Congratulations! Your windshield has been treated with Aquapel®
    • 24 Aquapel® static reminder stickers to keep your customers coming back for renewal treatments
    • MSDS Sheets