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Dewalt Polisher - Car Buffer (DWP849)

Dewalt High Speed Polisher
Item #: DE1300
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Price: $239.95

    The Dewalt polisher (DWP849) is the auto detailing industry's standard high speed car buffer! Equip your auto detailing operation with the Dewalt rotary polisher, and get professional results that cannot be obtained with an orbital polisher. This professional rotary car polisher features a variable speed trigger and a dial speed limiter to ensure you don't run the car buffer at higher speeds than you intend to. The handle can be attached to the left or right side of the Dewalt polisher, making it work comfortably for multiple employees. This tough, heavy-duty car polisher is built to last and provides full buffing power even under pressure load.

    Dewalt polisher features:
    • 120 volt
    • 8 amp
    • 1,000-3,000 variable rpms