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Premium Car Polish - Quart

Premium Polish - Quart
Item #: DC1140-Q
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    Premium Car Polish cleans and shines both conventional and clear coat paint surfaces. This product is safe for clear coats and is considered a "true cut" chemical, meaning that it does not hide damage but actually removes it. Premium Car Polish is silicone free. Premium Car Polish contains clear coat safe fine abrasives that polish away minor paint imperfections, light oxidation, swirl marks and micro scratches. Premium Polish is an excellent choice for a two-stage maintenance program. Premium Car Polish leaves the finish with a deep long term high gloss "wet" look.

    Shake thoroughly,� follow the directions below for the method of application that you are using... If using a orbital polisher, use Premium Car Polish as an initial polishing step; follow with an application of one of's protective products. If using a high-speed polisher, apply Premium Car Polish with a foam cutting pad at low speed; follow with a protective product.